Sunday Services @ 10:30am & 6pm at 1701 Hemphill St.


1701 Hemphill St.

Ft. Worth TX 76110


Membership Class

The Growth Track Series is designed to prepare the new church member for service at Hope Works. Each class has a specific focus of strategic steps. Each class is taught in an interactive setting so your questions can be answered as you learn the foundations of your faith walk with Christ. When you complete this series, you will know and understand the heart and soul of Hope Works.

Series Itinerary:

Connect Class 101 (Session1)


  • Our Common Salvation
  • How can I be Born Again
  • Why should I be baptized?
  • What, why, and when is Communion?


  • Personal and Collective Worship
  • Common Statements and Structure:
  • Common Vision Statement
  • Common Values Statements
  • Common Doctrinal Statements
  • Common Church Structure
  • Common Lifestyle Statements


GROW CLASS 201 – Grow in spiritual maturity through steps 3, 4, and 5 (Session 2)

        STEP 3: GROW (Practicing a daily relationship with Jesus)

  •  How to read my Bible every day
  • How to have a vibrant prayer life
  • How to live a Spirit Led Life

         STEP 4: GROUP Attendance (Living in Biblical Community (Home Groups))

         STEP 5: GIVE (Stewarding your resources in a God honoring way)


SERVE CLASS 301 – Find and fulfill your God purpose through step 6. (Session 3)

         STEP 6: GIFTS (Discover and deploy your God given gift)

  • Take a spirtual gifts test
  • Get familiar with ministries at Hope Works and get plugged in to serve


GO CLASS 401 – Join Jesus in leading others to salvation through step 7. (session 4)

          STEP 7: GO (Participate with Jesus in His worldwide mission)

  • Learn simple and effective ways to share your faith and use your testimony to reach others.


For more information please contact Breawna Trammell