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Online Giving

One of our core values at Hope Works is financial Stewardship.

We believe God has called us to give glory to him through carrying out the great commission to reach the lost and teach the saints.  We also believe that one way he calls us to carry this mission out is through the giving of our finances. Through the faithful giving of our membership we are enabled to expand our ministry to further God's Kingdom.

  • To make a one-time donation click on the "donation" button below.
  • Please be aware that this donation is non-refundable.
  • Once you have completed your contribution, you will not be directed to a receipt page.  If you would like a receipt, please email, Thank You!


Thank you for your faithfulness to give. We are grateful for your partnership in the Gospel. Stewarding your resources towards godly purposes is a step of faith and obedience that God will richly bless.


This is a secure transaction. The information gathered in the billing process will remain private, not to be shared or distributed with any third parties. If you should have any questions or issues concerning your donation, please contact

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